Today we all buy online, and all the time. Easy to compare, find and order. Time was not the same back then, when it seemed like – “Online business will never be a success”. That was a time, when people were scared of buying online. Me too, I am not an exception here. It took me good amount of time before I shopped for the first time, and that too after ensuring the account I used has least amount of money. I was not alone having such skeptics.

Online renting Business

There might still be people who are still scared and not willing to buy online, but very few. Today, we have come a long way. Buying online doesn’t scare that much anymore. Though, not that scary, still we must always be careful and aware of technology and possible must follow rules and tips. Buying online has its own advantages, as well. Technology has made everything that was un-imaginable, imaginable today.

Technology backed business modal 

You must have purchased items on Amazon, or flipcart number of times. Amazon has a business modal where physical items are sold online and delivered at your doorsteps. But what is online rental business, all about?

You must have heard about NetFlix – It is an American media services provider, headquartered in Los Gatos, California. It was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley. Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your favorite device – computer, laptop, tablet or your hand held smart phone. Netflix boasts about its mobile application that delivers the best entertainment experience anywhere, anytime. Netflix is different from Amazon, it sells subscriptions. In simple words it rents out services to you, and you are billed on monthly basis.

Amazon also started with its services by the name of “Amazon Prime” – where it rents out entertainment, delivered right on to your favorite device using internet. This was only possible because of the technology we have today and way internet has evolved. TV-shows, movies and web-series are created today to be released on these channels. Suddenly all hidden talents came out and got a chance to showcase their talents.

Entertainment – for example movies, web-series, TV-shows, documentaries looks fine being rented, because we had been using them through other rental mediums where these programs were telecasted or aired at a particular time slot. Technology in conjunction with internet made it possible – “watch it anytime, anywhere and on any device”. Here we are not just talking about entertainment – there are so many physical commodities that you don’t use it too often but still want it for some short-term use like – dresses, jewelry, books, certain accessories for example related to sports, beauty, etc., even bikes and cars options are endless. Suppose you don’t own a Mercedes but you want one just for your wedding day – it’s possible today.

People certainly find renting over buying certain products and services for being more cost-effective solution. Furniture, Air conditioners, appliances can be rented online using smart applications. You will find online rental stores – with a click of a button you can just borrow any product – paying a very small amount. So many online rental start-up have mushroomed in the last few years – billions of dollars have been invested, e-commerce applications have been worked around to accommodate such transactions. It just takes care of everything – finding what you need, booking, and getting it delivered, billing monthly or weekly basis, and picking up when not required any more.

How to Get into Online Rental business?

Sounds impossible, isn’t it? It’s not actually. Thanks to the age we are living in. Technology – Internet, cloud computing has made it all so easy. Today you will find infrastructure ready solutions available – that will take care of everything. You can less, no need to risk your entire fortune. You can create your own online rental portal or web-store that rents out almost anything you can think of to the customers who prefer renting out over buying these days. There are times when people want to show-off on occasions and prefer renting it out as this option not only makes it possible but affordable.

We know that every person has a collection of some books, or appliances which they might have bought but actually are not being used daily. With new technology generated possibilities people have realized that these items are not just meant to be stored in the store room or loft. Instead these items can become a source of extra income. With these new possibilities, suddenly every item, new or used, has a value.

Start immediately – using YO!Rent an e-commerce solution

It is an e-commerce solution for setting up online rental market place. Create your own market place where your customers can rent out items that they don’t need any more and other customers can rent them out. It comes with endless possibilities, look at the features it offers:

  • Multiple –vendor support
  • Social media integration
  • CMS or Content Management System
  • Smart Review Management system
  • Email notifications
  • Responsive, mobile ready platform
  • Order Management
  • Shipping method management
  • Invoice generation
  • Visual statistics

Two solutions are offered – “Go Quick” and “Go Custom”. “Go-Quick is offered at $999 and “Go Custom” is offered at $5999. The amount to be paid can be broken down into two-part payments, some in advance and rest when solution is ready. They provide:

  • Responsive Design (non exclusive rights for “Go Quick” and exclusive rights for “Go Custom”
  • Domain Licenses for Single domain
  • Editable Design and layout
  • Full source code
  • Installation support
  • Onetime payment
  • One Year technical support
  • 30 days money back guarantee


YO!Rent is a perfect solution for all those who are or want to be entrepreneurs. They can be part of this growing “Online Rental” industry.  Idea has a great potential as you can set up in any geographical area. Being new by all means you won’t be in direct competition with any of the standard eCommerce stores like Amazon etc.

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