Many email marketers complain that most times, their emails have low open rates. The recipients ignore the emails, and move to the next one, or they stare at the subject line, and trudge to the next email. If the open rates of emails are low, the purpose of that email marketing campaign is defeated. Recipients must open the emails before they can take the necessary actions you want.

When a recipient looks at the subject line of the email, he or she decides to click on it based on the subject line.

Over thirty five percent people that open emails depend on the subject line. Over seventy percent of people mark emails as spams depending on the messages’ subject line.

The subject line of the message will decide if the success of the marketing campaign will work or not.

Below are list of great subject lines that can work for you.

1. Use a personalized subject line.

It is important that you a personalized feel to the subject lines, instead of using subject lines without personal touch. You can easily improve your open rates easily by using the personalized feel of subject lines.

IDM- Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) view the following as great advantages of personalized emails:

When you use personalized touch to the subject line, there will be an improvement of the open rates. This is a great benefit of it. Personalized subject lines can really improve your overall campaign. This will allow you to get more clicks, reduce unsubscribed, more sales, as well as an improved client satisfaction.

2. Use subject lines that scream of urgency. Use subject lines that make the recipients feel they will lose out if they do not do something.

Fear Of Missing Out- FOMO- should be added to your subject lines, like most social media websites do.

Create the feel of urgency. Play with the emotions of the recipients and get results. You can do this by offering a sale and putting an expiry date to it. If a person is on your subscribers’ list, the person must have bought something from you or intends to. You may have a coupon in the message’s body, but you need to integrate such in the subject line.

3 . Use subject lines that add breaking news feel.

You should structure your content yo be relevant. This may not be so easy if your company doesn’t fit in the media industry.

You can do this by sending the latest concerning your business. What new thing is taking your industry by storm? Is it the time of the year to sell hats? What’s trendy?

4. Add a feel of curiosity to the subject line

Humans are normally curious. You should exploit that. Recipients will most likely click your message if they are curious about what it holds.

Create your subject line to be interesting and heighten the curiosity of your recipients. Don’t tell everything that there is on the subject line. Merely hint at it, and watch them click on it.

It is important to be creative to get your open rates high.