Currently, there are many blockchain companies in the world all playing important roles in the development of the fast-rising technology- blockchain. The security of Blockchain guarantees trustworthy transactions and this makes it currently makes it an asset. Due to the ledger it has which cannot be edited, but added to, your transactions cannot be a fake. Hence, in a financial world or lack of trust and cheating, Blockchain has become so popular. There are still so many benefits of Blockchain but for now, let us focus on some of the biggest Blockchain companies in the world



Microsoft opened its Blockchain company in 2015. The plan was that the Blockchain would be interested toget5er with another service known as the Azure cloud. Although also developing Blockchain application, Microsoft helps upcoming developers to build their own applications. Microsoft during this period has made plans to integrate the DIDs ( blockchain-based decentralized ids) with their own authenticator app. The Blockchain app creation service by Microsoft called Azure Blockchain workbench.



Amazon has been privileged enough to have a service framework for ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. This allows programmers and developers to build and manage Blockchain applications of their own. This is made possible through the AWS(Amazon Web Services) using another tool to speed up the process using by means of Cloud Formation.



The biggest bank in America is a Blockchain patent leader. Due to its almost 50 patent which has a lot to do with technology IBM which is well known for parent accumulation falls short by half of all the parents of the Bank of America. One of the patents relating to technology which Bank of America has is to record all personal and business data which makes it for personal and business data they do not. The security management patent call Is for managing security to the system for a small amount of time. Another important patent The Bank of America uses a patent that which allows validation of unsecured devices, to protect its users



The IBM owned Blockchain platform forms an integral part of the IBM cloud service which provides Blockchain service and also handles development of apps by means of the IBM cloud service. The IBM also has apps which are very much available in its new App Store popularly known as LedgerConnect. The store even very much available in the new App. The new store makes apps available to seven different blockchain vendors. The importance of this is that it will help the vendors streamline their processes instead of focusing on their own blockchain system.


This one is very recent into the list of blockchain companies but it is certainly one of the biggest too. It started off with Blockchain cloud service, which is a platform Blockchain product and also with a decentralized ledger – based applications such as handling financial transactions or a supply chain. Oracle makes use of the specification of Hyperledger Blockchain from the Linux Foundation. It also comes with extras like patch management, APIs and backup of Blockchain throughout the work.