Clever Lead Generation Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Marketers are usually involved in spending a lot of resources and time creating great content and trying to plan out campaigns. At end of the day, many marketers want to improve on their leads, that can be converted into clients. To ensure that your business is afloat, there has to be a continued flow of leads. Using effective means to get and convert the leads is usually not easy. Below are great ideas that will lead to an effective lead generation.

Getting Your Landing Page Optimized.

1. Craft out that product video

Many people prefer to watch videos to reading articles. It has been shown that video marketing is better than print. More than sixty percent of humans are visual learners. This means that a large percent of us prefer to watch videos to reading that article. When an article’s conversion rate and that of the videos are compared, one can see that the latter is higher.

Product ‘how to’ videos usually generate a greater lead of more than thirty-three percent. If the videos are handled right, they will inspire viewers to take the necessary action. When styling your product videos, don’t make it complex or long. No one wants to be bored.

2. Do not use the word, ‘spam’


People are scared of that word, and when you use it in a sentence like, ‘We will not spam you’, it doesn’t stop them from avoiding you. This breeds distrust, as they feel you are saying you won’t do it because you plan on doing it. A studio by Michael Aagard proved that such a sentence reduced the conversion rate by eighteen percent.

Trying to get privacy reassured is great, but do not use the word, ‘spam’, if you want your conversion rate to be high.

3. Use the squint test

When you squint your eyes, do you feel that your call to action seems lovable? Is it unique? Try and squint at your landing pages. Make your pages intriguing, and watch your conversion rates increase greatly. A research done by a travel website showed that those pages that passed the squint test had more than five hundreds d percent improvement in the lead.

4. Make use of fewer options

 Being decisive is not a feature in many people. Before we make choices, we usually spend a lot of time. If you have three options, there is a great chance that decisions will be made easily, and confusion will be reduced when compared to when one is faced with fifty options. You want less confusion to generate more leads. This is why you should give fewer options.

MySiteAuditor ran a test, reducing the options they had on their free trial signup page to one, from six, and realized that their conversion rate improved by twenty-five percent.

5. Get your about page optimized

When a person visits a site, the person usually visits the ‘about us’ page first. This page allows the visitor to know the person you are, what your brand stands for, and it can get them to take the necessary actions because they trust that you know what you are doing. You want a greater conversion rate, write out a great ‘about us’ page.

6. Blog content regularly.

Do not leave your blog fallow with stale content. This will reduce your conversion rate greatly. Find new topics, and create intriguing content on them.