There are different content marketing trends that brands can use to give their audience the needed content to engage with them. Content marketing can never be overlooked if you want your brand to succeed. There are different technologies and trends that can be used in content marketing.

Voice Search Content

It is said that in 2022, about fifty-five percent of homes will have smart speakers enabled with voice. This study was done by TechCrunch. We are currently having a lot a voice search system ongoing.
As a result of this statistics, a lot of creators are wondering how they can use voice in their content marketing strategy. Alexa is now used by third-party firms to unlock the numerous benefits of the interface. Before time passes through, there is a great chance that innovative apps will be able to use more voice functionality, while using it for proper content marketing. This is why a company, VanynerMedia’s VoiceCon used opportunities that are voice-based for brands and marketers to improve themselves this year.

Automating The Content Delivery

Using one message to express your brand is now old. It is important your messages change from time to time. There are numerous audiences, targeting capabilities, use cases, as well as automation services like Sharpspring that you can use.
Automation services like Sharpspring give marketers the chance to craft out the right individual content programs, for your varying client segments. There is a great chance that you have different segments of clients, with varying needs and wants. Instead of sending the same content to your clients, you can send varying content to the different segments.
The content will be versatile, depending on the client, instead of sending generic content as newsletters to everyone. This will show your clients that you understand their needs, and you are ready to solve their needs. The content that may sway one person may not sway the other.

Always Live Stream

It is important that you live stream constantly. Live stream was new and started in 2016. You have to do a lot than send broadcasts to stand out easily. A lot of people love to watch videos, and that’s why video marketing works a lot. Many smart brands understand how video can be used to improve their sales, and content marketing strategy, hence they have incorporated live stream to it. They use live stream to show their clients what new products or services they are offering.

Augmented Reality

This is a great innovation that was used by Niantic and Nintendo in Pokémon Go. Pokémon was a great hit in 2016. You can use AR in your content marketing, and it has gone on to become a content marketing trend that brands can use.
Montreal’s Ludia and Universal Studios used Augmented Reality to create an innovative Jurassic Park Alive app. The app allows you to benefit from AR with the cute einiosaurus close to you. A smart brand can use the AR to create intriguing content for clients.