Centralization and Decentralization

Centralization – As per Wikipedia it is type of process all the planning and decision making activities of an organization are determined within the organization confined to particular geographical area. This certainly brings all the powers related to important decision-making and planning to the core centre of the organization – which is in the hands of those few who are sitting on the decision making chair.

Centralization and decentralization are both important in their own right, where decentralization is just the opposite. It is responsible for ensuring decision-making authority is assigned and transferred to lower levels, in the hierarchy.

What are we here for?

Well, as per introduction above, centralization and decentralization look well confined to business organizations. Business organizations have dealt with them in the fields of networks and databases to apply business rules, business logics and different approaches of centralization and decentralization to help decision making.

Centralization is no more confined to business organizations. Here we are talking about Digital Centralization. Internet Of Things (IOT) has become an house hold word now, especially in western countries. With that we are moving towards smart homes – having house-hold devices like washing machine, refrigerators, microwaves, cameras and all of them are smart. No doubt the word “smart” has been borrowed from “smart phones”. Here the digital centralization will help create a smarter living simply by connecting these so called smart devices seamlessly. That will make these devices work in sync with each other. This will further make possible manage all these devices from a centralized location with the help of very few devices.

Have a closer look – to the future smart home

Think of the following situations:

  • You left your house for work. Once you have reached your office you realize – air conditioner by mistake has been left ON.
  • At times you are so scatterbrained, that you might just start to belief that you left your front door unlocked, while moving out. A thought that is sufficient to invoke anxiety and stress that can blow your mind for a while.
  • You turn on your heater and actually forgot to turn it off before leaving.

There could be many more such situations, that will spin you entire planned day in a different direction. As such a situation demands immediate attention and you will have to address it first causing it to disrupt the entire planned day. It might affect your office, business meeting or whatever for that matter. I remember on one such day I turned ON the water-motor to fill that tank on my roof-top. Suddenly electricity went off and I forgot to turn it OFF, since buzzer to tell that tank is full runs on electricity. I left home for some work. After quite a long I realized that I forgot to turn the motor off and what if electricity has come back. I rushed back home only to find water tank was over flowing, buzzer was ringing which has attracted all my neighbors who were standing outside my house. Small mistake tossed everything out of proportion.  My roof-top was filled with water, and water was flowing downstairs. Had I been late for few more minutes it would have made everything in my house floating!

Now think of a situation where you are living in a smart home – all your devices are centrally controlled. I might have just opened an app on my cell phone and switched off the water pumping motor as soon as I realized and there would not have been any need to rush back home. More over I could have just programmed to switch-off automatically without human intervention once the tank is full.

After that I created a small demo project also for some B’Tech level students to demonstrate the same concept. You will be able to remotely lock your room, if left open by mistake or control any devices from anywhere using some hand-held devices where all the control is centralized. Possibilities are just endless.

Here we see that smart technology and digital centralization when come together are making pathway for smart homes. Here it’s not just about comfort it is also about peace of mind. Think of a situation that you are on vacation. It might be in the same city or in another city, or some other state, country. But it does not matter to you if you are living in such a smart home – you always have peace of mind. You know there is a smart security system working 24 x 7 and 365 days that alerts you when something goes wrong.

Digital centralization – Creating work from home environment

Digital Centralization - towards future

Digital Centralization – towards future

Smarter homes are making way to work from home environment. Technology fed devices making it all possible and a reality. You can work from home, connect to people on the field, attend meetings, and collaborate with others working from home and lot of other things – and still have a favorite cup of coffee made by your spouse.

Computers, smart phones, tablets and other smart devices have synched the environment in such a way where all this and more is a near reality. We know today, with the help of these devices:

  • You can call anyone, and from anywhere around the world
  • You can video conference with anyone in the world
  • Virtual meetings are possible
  • E-mails have been there for so long now, but essential. Can be send from anywhere to anyone around the world.
  • You can actually do anything that one use to think can be done in an office space only.

Well not just that:

  • You can start working as soon as you are out of your bed.
  • No time frame. Create one of your own that suits you and your boss doesn’t know a thing about it.
  • You have your kitchen right there – cook yourself a delight that keeps you ON and working.


It is all new worlds of possibilities. Technology will hold your hand and take you along, you like it or not. If you are coming along you are in the game or will be left behind in the race of time. Embrace it, sooner the better.