There are great steps that can be used in your blog promotion strategy to give you results. You can use these strategies on your site and see results.

SumoMe Share App

This App allows you to easily drive a lot of traffic to their blog content. It improves the amount of social engagement that every post you created. There is an easy way to get this done. Sumo Share App allows people to share content easily, on any device available.

This app is free, and people can easily share content on any social media channel available. You can easily create the necessary floating social share icons that easily move as the visitor moves through the page. The icon gives them an opportunity to get your content shared whenever they want.

The Sumo share app is very responsive and works well on any device. The user experience of this app is great.

When you install Sumo Share on your blog, your amount of social engagement will increase.

Make Use of Quora to earn passive referral traffic.

Quota threads are known to be ranked for a lot of organic traffic, and a myriad of search queries monthly.

When a question like, ‘When Does McDonalds Start?’

This gets a lot of searches monthly, and Quora is always first. The same can be said of other searches.

Let’s look at other search questions like, ‘How Do You Hide Your Friends on Facebook?’

This is quite a popular keyword that has thousands of searches monthly, and Quora is ranked first. In a lot of searches, Quora gets ranked first a lot of times.

How then do you make use of Quora to get your content promoted? A lot of people make use Quora to promote their content. It is important to note that not every Quora thread gets created equally.

Some websites usually have no traffic that accrues to them, even those that are popular.

There is a hack to Quora to get you passive traffic.

To do this, visit SEMRush, input, then scroll down to “Positions” report below the “Organic Research”. It will then show you the keyword list that Quora usually ranks for.


As you mention the tools or influencers in the posts you make, don’t forget to get them mentioned in social media posts too. A lot of influencers usually have a large social audience that one can use. Using influencers will help you greatly.