There are great Facebook advertising tips that can aid your ads on Facebook.

You should learn how to use them for various campaign objectives, and even control the costs of ads on Facebook.



  1. Create the established goals. Do you want more website visits? Or do you want to get more Facebook likes? Do you want to have a lot of fan engagement? Every metric has their value, and it is important to opt for the right objective. The ad type of Facebook that you opt should be based on what you want to achieve. The new ad scheme that Facebook brought into place helps you to find the formats of the ads depending on their primary goals.


  1. Are you just new to Facebook advertising and you have no idea of where to begin from?

Start by using the Page Likes objective, and try building your audience, as well as encouraging people to like your Facebook brand page. The more likes you have, the more popular you will become. This is a safer means than buying social media’s followers. It possesses the domino effect.

  1. Use the Facebook Offers to capture a lot of attention to your page. Google Offers Extensions, and Facebook Offers work similarly. Facebook Offers allow you to exclusively deal with Facebook users.

You can make use of the offer to give out the item like the white paper or eBook, for an email address. You can easily create an offer. You can also design the discount that can be redeemed in the store.

It is important that the first Facebook Offer should be targeted to your friends. If it works, you can decide to go for a larger audience.

  1. Improve downloads for your mobile app. With a lot of Facebook activity currently being done using mobile devices, Facebook is a great platform for those app developers to advertise the creation.
  2. Make use of a clear and direct call to action in your ad. When you are trying to advertise on Facebook, make use of a call to action in the text. This should be inputted in your Facebook paid ads to lead to a more desired action.
  3. Make use of the Facebook ads to show the special deals. You can use Facebook paid ads to showcase your sale events and deals.
  4. You do not have to use a Facebook page to start the Facebook ad creation. You can start the website’s ad by clicking on the Website Conversions objective. You should note that those Facebook ads that are not linked to the Facebook page will not appear in the News feed, but the right column.