What is email? Do you think that need to be answered?

In was in the year 1993, it was changed the way humans are going communicate thereafter, thanks to email technology. Remember sending letters the traditional way through the postal system, it was not that bad until email started. Now you can send letters instantly as soon as you press the “Send” button, thus giving you instant gratification.

Things evolve so did email technology. With time email matured and transformed and revolutionized our lives by simply penetrated into all walks of our life. Internet has a lot to do with that, which is more than available at higher speed and at a price that anybody can afford. Because of internet boom, most phones people use have Internet with email facility on them, making emails even better and smoother – just any time anywhere. These “smartphones” having Internet capabilities 24 hours email is on and available for you wherever you go.

What makes Emails such a success?

Email is quick – speed makes it best

From pigeons to postal letters to emails – we have come a long way. Communication when it takes time slows to down all the work around it may it be meetings, decision making and actions one must take that depend upon communication between two persons, two companies or organizations.

Imagine if you have to communicate to someone through a traditional letter send through a postal system. It takes time and today we know email is the quickest way to do it and since then those traditional methods have become a history. As discussed before, it is received by the recipient as soon as you press the ‘send’ button, what else do you need?. It makes correspondence very fast thus eliminating unnecessary time that gets elapsed between the two persons who are communicating.

Email Can Help You perform Multitasking

Might sound strange but emails can help you do multiple tasks simultaneously. If you are someone who is always travelling and then for that reason you would require to communicate with your loved ones, or with your colleagues or your seniors reporting them, email can help you cut down the wastage of time and also extra stress in your life. At times it might be difficult to make a phone call but sending an email is quick and easy to get in touch with a person you need to communicate with. You might be at gym, or cooking or travelling you can still send an email message from anywhere and to anyone anywhere.

Contacts – Now you can keep them at one place

As you grow or your business grows along with that grows your contact list.

Growing contact list is a sign of growth and success. Today study says that you should take positive steps towards the growth of your contact list.

Emails popularity has outgrown since last few decades. Now a days everybody is having an email account and more you use email service you share with others and more you use and share your contact list grows fast.

Email service provides you a facility to keep all your contacts in one place. You will be able to keep them together and will also be organize them into separate folders separate for business, relatives, friends and so on.

You must have heard about Microsoft Outlook. It is a software program that can make your life easier by organizing your contacts properly locally on your computer so that you can view them even offline. Now a days because of internet and email service mostly people have a lot of contacts, and there are tools like Microsoft Outlook to keep track of your contacts and entire trail of emails shared between them.

Having huge contact list – have its own pros and cons 

Having huge contact list is beneficial but very demanding. When you have a lot of contacts in your contact list your email usage becomes your primary communication means. It will be required to keep visiting your email account, even multiple times a day. Same email service which is fast and promises speedy delivery of messages demands more time of yours to organize them and respond to them.  Sometimes it’s not easy to catch up on these emails for long time. Same as in real relationships the longer you put off catching up on your relationships, the worse it gets. Same holds true for emails. Like many things in life, effective emailing also depends on organizing and prioritizing them effectively. As it grows most of the time companies employ staff to handle emails to ensure every growing contacts are taken care of well.

Email Automation Services

Keeping a special staff to handle email accounts is itself stressful. Since someone is manually responding to the emails it can be error prone and might affect timely response. Now days there also exists automation software that are capable of responding to emails on their own. This software can be embedded right into your websites to automate the process of communication with your clients as and when required without any human intervention.

This makes is not communication not only fast and instant but also works round the clock, whereas employees can’t respond that fast.

Imagine lakhs of customers making online purchase, receive a message instantly that order has been placed. Customers feel relieved and assured that their money is safe. These customers receive message instantly because of email automation software, otherwise it is impossible to respond to so many customers at that speed.   


Email system has changes the world and the way we communicate. Every technology makes the road or path for progress and success longer and broader, better than before. Along with new technologies that evolve, existing technologies evolve too and grow further to overcome some hurdles that were overlooked initially but takes into account and improved upon as they evolve. Email system has also evolved and is improving every day to accommodate ever growing needs of communication. Email marketing is another buzzword and people are exploiting it to enhance and grow their business to new dimensions.