Building a social media following is beneficial to brands, but it is not as easy as one feels. The more following a brand has, the more sales may be made. There are some tips that should be followed to get the social media following that you want.

1. Opt For The Right Social Media

You have to understand initially that the existence of a social network doesn’t translate to your marketing on it. You have to know what the platform stands for, what class of people use it, do those people that use it need your products or services, and find out if having a presence there will benefit your business.

2. What social media channels do your buyers or prospects use?

Any social media channel that you opt for should be used by your buyers. You want to connect with your clients and prospects and engage with them. Are your buyers or prospects there or not? Don’t stuff your great content in a social network your clients are not using.


Facebook is a great social media platform that has over eighty percent of every internet user. Over eighty percent of U.S. residents use Facebook and can be engaged there. Both Millennials and Baby Boomers make use of Facebook.

For those over sixty-five years, about sixty-two percent make use of Facebook. If you want to start a retirement platform, Facebook may be the right one to start with.

3. Get Your Competitors Analysed.

The biggest marketers understand the benefits that accrue from spying and analyzing their clients. You have to analyze every action of their competitors. Don’t forget to do it on social media. What are your competitors doing on social media? What content do they like sharing? Is it working well for them? You have to look at your major competitors, their roadmap, and tailor yours to outsmart theirs.

4. Do Not Ignore Influencers and Thought Leaders

If you want large social media following, you need to connect with the industry influencers. These industry leaders are those, who your prospects follow and respect greatly. Their thoughts shake the industry. Use them as great resources. Learn from the best.

5. Share Only Great Content

You may be tempted to post content a lot in a bid to get a lot of clients and a great following, but what is the quality of the content. You want to build your following and brand image, it is important that you use only great quality of content to get you a seat as a thought leader in your industry.

Do not use click baits. You don’t want to be a brand known for that. Do not come up with rumors or exaggerate the tales to get following. Use the right facts in your content, and avoid being boring. No one wants to follow a boring brand. This is why you see top brands coming up with video skits that are interesting to encourage followers to share their content. The more viral your content is, the better for your brand.