HTML and CSS is must for making your website look awesome, but knowing HTML and CSS is not. We are having so many themes that come with page builder feature and plugins to fill that gap if theme does not support. These “Page Builders” can make your life super cool, by not letting you write a single line of code.

Though being a developer I will always recommend learning HTML and CSS along with Java Script and its different frameworks and even PHP and Databases, that will help you dig deep into themes and plugins and you will be able to customize it further to suit your needs. I know for many of you that might be too much of a work and effort and if that holds true for you then this article is for you. In this article the focus is on “how to choose the right Page Builder?” and not “Which is the right Page Builder?” I will be providing my favorite list of “Page Builders” without talking much about them. Do comment and request about the page builder you want to know more about – I would love to write an article on that.

What is a Page builder?

Coding is a painful job for many, how about a tool that provides you with drag and drop interface or similar interface where you can select elements and put them together in a easy going manner – it will make your life easy. Page builders do exactly the same job.

Page Builders are tools that are either embedded inside a theme or available in the form of a plugin to extend your favorite theme to accommodate automated page building features. Page Builder can help you put together elements like buttons, callouts, images and other stuff and create a awesome websites in no time. Page Builder comes with pre-built elements that can be arranged in multiple ways thus giving you a room to create something new and beautiful every time. These Page Builders comes with “What You See Is What You Get” or WYSIWYG interface allowing you to insert elements into your pages, move them around, and you will also be able to see the effects along with.

What all a Page Builder can do?

Page builder is a collection of so many tools – each one of them capable of handling something special for you and can easily be put together to create a website from the scratch. This awesomeness comes from the drag-and-drop functionality and repository of inbuilt components that can dance to your tunes.

For example if you want a slider on your website, all you have to do it select the option from a Page Builder and place it where ever you want. Add slides and content following the instructions and you are done. You will be able to personalize its look and feel and also its behavior.

Your skills don’t matter while using a WordPress Page Builders for creating winnable websites. WordPress Page builders will:

  • Provide drag-and-drop functionality and you will be able to arrange all the elements on your posts and pages as you like.
  • Let you preview your page or post to have an idea how your page or post site will look when it goes live.
  • Make it possible for you to create “Custom Pages” (No Web development experience required).
  • Let you walk through the process of customizing the complex modern web elements and features with a few wizard guided clicks.

How to choose a “Right” Page Builder Plugin for myself?

While choosing the Page Builder, you must have some key point in your mind. These key points are listed below:

  • Ease of use
  • Make a list of all the elements that you want to add to your website. Search through the options listed below to find which Page Builder support all of them or most of them
  • Should not give stress to your website. Should be light weight and should not add to the load time of your web page or post.
  • Page Builder having roughly only those elements that you need is better than the one having tons of features that you won’t be using – may be long with the one you need.
  • Page Builders usually come as back-end editors and/or front-end editors. Back-end editors allow authors to use Page Builder from author’s dashboard while Front-end Page Builder allows creating and editing you web page or post without going to the dashboard.
    • At times it is wise to have a Page-Builder that support both the options. (Usually most of the Page Builders come with both the options)
    • At times you don’t want to give the permission to authors to have an access to dashboard in that case having a front-end Page Builder is a great option.
    • Some authors like doing it as a back-end task and make it live once assured everything is OK, and others might want to do it from front-end so having both the options would be wise enough.
  • Price could be just another key point that matters. Price should be checked keeping in mind the features and support you get against it.
  • Reviews and Ratings make a lot of difference – do check what people are saying about the Page builder. Check out wisely “how many people have downloaded Page builder?” and “What is the percentage of people liking and saying good things about Page Builder?” and “How many people didn’t like a Page builder?”

Work on the facts, and choose the right one. Below is the list of few of my favorite Page builders, just to help you with the initial list to work on before making up your mind. These are the most popular ones, in the next article I will talk about my favorite ones. These Plugins are not in any order.

  • Elementor

This is on the top of the list only for being only free tool in this list. This is open source and quite advanced page builder for WordPress, apart from being free. You will be able to make quick page creation and edits even from the frontend of your site.

  • Divi Builder

One of the most powerful WordPress page builder by Elegant Themes – now create any type of design on your website simply with drag and drop.

  • Visual Composer (WPBakery Page Builder)

This is yet another most popular Page Builders by CodeCanyon – it is a leading market place for premium WordPress themes and plugins.

  • Beaver Builder

Use this plugin for being very user friendly plugin having very easy to use WYSIWYG interface.

  • Themify Builder

Comes pre-loaded with more than 60 layouts to choose from, that can simply make web page design fast and effortless


Choose wisely, weigh all you have in hand and match it with the list of elements you want on you website. Keep yourself hooked up to techlastic as the next few articles will talk more about this topic.