This article teaches a method of downloading a complete website for offline access using HTTrack.

How to download website and what is HTTrack?

There are many software to download or clone a website but in this article i will be using HTTrack for windows which is called WinHTTrack , it is a open source offline browser website copier, HTTrack can download entire website including all pages ,images, videos,GIFs and text etc.

HTTrack is available for different OS, but I have used Windows OS to explain the working of HTTrack.

Follow these steps to download the website for offline viewing –

  1. Download WinHTTrack
  2.  After installing and running the program something like above picture will appear , Click Next.
  3. Type the project name in the field and click next



4. In Action from drop down menu select Download web site(s)


5. Click Add Url and type the website you want to clone.


6.Click Set Options. Untick use proxy for ftp transfers check box. Click Ok.


7. Click Next, followed by Finish.

Now the download process will start


You can Cancel it anytime and you’ll able to view download content.

How To Remove MIRROR ERROR In HTTrack?

If you see this message. You need to follow a simple step.

1. Click Ok on the Mirror Error box.

2. Go to Set Options.

3. Click Browser ID tab.

4. In the Browser “Identity” drop-down, select (none) and click Ok.

How To Browse The Downloaded Website Using HTTrack?

From the HTTrack:

  1.  Click File.
  2.  Click Browse sites…
  3.  Your web browser will open displaying a list of all the websites you’ve downloaded.

From Windows Explorer:

  1.  Navigate to C drive or whichever drive you have saved the website.
  2.  Open My Web sites.
  3.  Open the folder of the offline website you want to browse.
  4.  Open the index file. Make sure the index file uses the Chrome (or any web browser) as the default application.

How To Delete Websites Downloaded For Offline Access Using HTTrack?

  1. Open WinHTTrack.
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Delete Websites.
  4. Go to the folder My Web Sites.
  5. Select the file with .whtt extension and click Open.

6. Click Ok and WinHTTrack will delete the website download for offline access.

Now you can use the cloned website for offline use .