This article will teach you what you need to know on how to create your own website in no time. There are 5 basic steps outlined.



All you have to first do is decide what the name of your website will be. For example,
You should also check to see if the name you have chosen is available. Bluehost provides a search tool for domain names. Enter your preferred website name into the tool and if you get through to the page for registration, then it implies that the name is available. However, if you get a message that signifies that such domain is unavailable, then all you have to do is to adjust it.
If the dot-com version ofthe exact business name you want is unavailable, ensure that you test out other dot-com variations before deciding to go for alternative suffixes such as .Net or.Info. This is because a large majority people use .com when keying in an address. Even if you get to run promotions for the .net website, you can lose customers who keyed in .com instead.


As soon as you have registers your domain name, you have to determine where best to have your website hosted. A host is what helps you to store your website and make its contents available to visitors. In recent times, Bluehost and Weebly are two very good host platforms.
Bluehost offers a very flexible hosting option and also ensures that you get great value. On Bluehost, you have your domain registered, have your website hosted, and have a business email generated for you for about $2.95 every month.
Weebly happens to be very user-friendly and provides a customer support that is much more personalized. If you are not as tech-savvy, then you could find Weebly more appealing as it is good for users who just want a simple website with simple information. The difference is that you do not get a domain or a business email generated and it costs about $12 every month.


The next step is to determine what the content of your website will be and what it should say. Most people find that defining the content of their website can be very difficult and this can scare people from even creating a website in the first place.
Many websites these days do not really have to contain too many words. In fact, many websites perform better when they are simplified with the use of few words and with each page featuring a single option such as a “contact us” option.
Websites for business owners, for example, have a standard format these days by making use of 4 main pages so that you do not need to get bothered about getting each page formatted. All you just have to do is figure out the texts, pictures, and the content to be included.

Some special tools

⦁ Responsiveness: Many users today access the internet with the use of their smartphones and not a computer. This means it is very important that you have a website that is mobile-friendly. Many premium web-developers create websites that are automatically optimized for mobile phones. These websites have the ability to detect what kind of device is being used to access it and then have the content automatically optimized to fit the device. These are referred to as “responsive” themes and on WordPress, you will find a lot of responsive themes.

⦁ Call-to-action: Asides for optimizing the responsiveness of your website, some extra adjustments should also be made such as taking out too many details on the mobile version of your website. The mobile site should basically be focused on call-to-action. Call-to-action could be filling out a form, calling a contact number, purchasing your product online, or even subscribing for mails. Use click-to-call buttons if want people to call your business. Once clicked from a smartphone, the number of your business is automatically is keyed into the dial pad of the user. You can also have a Google Maps widget on your website embedded to provide navigation information to your potential clients.


Your Logo’s style, color, and the fonts used will have an effect on what your website’s design looks like. The reason is that the theme between your logo and the web pages should be consistent. You probably have a logo being used in the real world and this is good too. Simply get the digital file. Or you can also come up with a scan of the logo and ensure that the resolution is very high.
If there is no existing logo or you wish to have the existing logo upgraded, you can have one created for your website in the following three ways:

⦁ Create a logo yourself

A lot of software exists that will help you design a good logo that will match your taste and style. Tailor Brands will help you create a very appealing logo very easily. Once you have created the logo that you desire, simply subscribe so that you can access the tools for branding. If you find a design that appeals to you, you could simply get it for just $2.99

⦁ Check out Fiverr can help you find various providers of services and some of them will be willing to design a logo for you for as low as $5 but this may require that you wait a bit longer to have your logo. If you want to get your logo within the same week, you may have to pay higher. All you have to do is check out the designers and select the one you feel will do a good job for you.

⦁ Check out 99Designs

On there are contests for designers to compete for a lot of design jobs and these designers will also compete to do your logo. You will find a whole lot of professionals and all you have to do is just select one. Prices may range from as low as $299 to as high as $799 and this depends on the number of designers that compete and their quality.


It is now time to fit all the pieces for your website together to create a website that looks amazing. Note that statistics prove that people usually take about 3 seconds or less to stay on your website or leave your website once they access it and so it is very important that you design your site in such a way that it leaves first-time visitors a good impression. In order to do this effectively, use the following tips:
⦁ Ensure that your navigation is clear enough
⦁ Make use of call-to-action options
⦁ Ensure that your website has loading speed
⦁ Use moderate designs and minimal words