A lot of content marketers feel that promotion occurs only when the content is about to go live. Promotion should instead start before the content goes live, and a lot of it should be day be before the content is launched.

Below is a planned framework that can be used for the next content campaign you are planning of beginning.


For your promotion plan to be great, it should start with researching into the audience and creating the targeted message.

Audience Research

It is important that research such as survey analysis be done, especially when you have the budget and time. The planning stage should involve talking with who the content is being created for, and what the needs that are to be satisfied are. You can make use of analytics data from prior pieces, as well as viewing clients’ conversations, and the information on those contents doing well.


It is important that before you create that content, you think about what is to be communicated to the various segments of your audience. What are the benefits that accrue to each segment for viewing your content?

Why will people be interested in sharing the content? Why will people not want to share the content?

Immediately you have found out your audience segments, as well as the messaging angle, creating your content is easier. At this stage, you know why and how your audience segments will benefit? Why they will share it and so on. Since you know these, you can now make the right decisions on promotion.

Use Influencers

While you develop the content, you should get the list of websites and people that will share the content. What will make them share the content? Most times, you may have to pay the influencers to share the content. You have to find mid-level and top level influencers for every audience segment. The influencers are people your audience adore. You may have to think of either sending a cold pitch or nursing a relationship with the influencers. Choose the one that is right for your promotion plan. Some influencers may prefer you nurse a relationship with them before they share your content. Others may prefer cold pitch. You pay them, they share the content, and that’s the end. Use the right influencers for your content. If you are creating content for a cosmetic line, it is important that you look for influencers in that field that are well known.