Everyone wants great content, that’s why people go on the internet and make use of search engines like Google, searching for great content. For most content marketers and blogs, creating the right content, and getting it to stand out is not easy.

It was noted that millions of blog posts get published daily, meaning that there are a lot of blogs in your niche, trying to get as much air time as yours.

This means that once you publish your post, there is a great chance that are millions of people getting their blog posts published.

Not minding the fact that there is great competition, a lot of people still get a lot of traffic to their website. Many people can still get a lot of backlinks, and a great number of people to whatever they put out there. Why does some people’s content generate more traffic than yours?

Create the Right Content for Your Niche

Most times, many blogs do not get the traffic they want because they publish content that is not successful or related to their niche. Some feel that as they continuously post random content, one would become viral, and the rest will be history. It does not work well. Instead of doing that, make use of something that is known to already work.

Don’t go about throwing random content. Instead, opt for things that you know have worked. You can use the following to your advantage to create the right content that will drive traffic to your website.


You are wondering how Wikipedia and its boring articles can help you get the right content ideas that will lead to a great flow of traffic to your website. Calm down.

Though the entries themselves may not seem creative but have you taken a look at the references? Those are great places to get inspiration for good content.


You may feel that Reddit is a hangout for bored hipsters that spend their days commenting on trivial cat gifs.

Reddit is bigger than that. You can get a loaf of interesting blog post topic ideas that will improve your website traffic.

You can get this by searching for the subreddit that covers the niche you are interested in.

Content Curators

Do you know that you can delegate searching for the right blog ideas for your website without having you stress your head? Allow others to do the job for you. Content curation is on the increase, as there are a lot of bloggers that keep on publishing contents that are usually lists of great content ideas.

Use the keyword related to your niche to find them on Google.


You are saying, ‘what?’ Things written here are what your competitors have overlooked and can be used to your advantage. If you make use of social media platforms many of your competitors use, you will create a lot of boring and old content.

A lot of people feel Pinterest is the home of pins of shoes and handbags, hence is ignored. This has made a lot of people ignore it, but in reality, it drives a lot of referral traffic, even more than YouTube, and LinkedIn.

This is a great place for content mining. Type in the specific keyword on Pinterest, and you will be surprised with the content there.