Lading Pages are very important and today it is a well established fact. Landing page can boost the traffic and conversion rate in very less time, but how to create a landing page without writing a single line of code. In this article we will discuss about few very popular and time saving plugins for creating a landing page in minutes – without any knowledge of coding.

In the last article we discussed about how to create a Landing page using wordpress themes, and I promised that in the next article I will discuss about “how to create a landing page using wordpress plugins?”

In the article – “How to create Landing Pages using WordPress”, we tried to establish that how useful it is if theme has in built feature that allows you to create awesome landing pages, that go well with your theme. Themes are no doubt helpful if support the feature we are looking for, but that is not always. At times you can’t drop a particular theme because of certain other features it offers but does not support “Landing Pages” – what to do in such a case? Plugins come for a rescue here.

Plugins – can enhance the functionality of a theme

Here plugins can play an important role and extend the functionality of any theme. If your theme does not support landing pages and you want to use the same theme – you can extend the functionality of your theme by using any one of the plugins listed below. Every Landing page has some essential elements and these plugins provide all those elements required for a perfect landing page. At time certain plugin does not yell with theme properly, you can use another one – since I am providing the list of 6 plugins for creating landing pages, when your favorite theme does not support.

Top 6 plugins for creating Landing Pages

Free Plugins

  • Landing Page builder – Create Squeeze Page, Lead Page and Responsive Landing Pages

The plugin “Landing Page Builder” created by PluginOps is very intuitive and easy to use plugin for landing pages. It is versatile plugin and can be used to create responsive Pages, Layouts and Landing Pages. It has a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface or you can call it “Visual Drag and Drop” interface that allows you to make changes just by moving components around, while you also see them how they will look like.

Plugin description boasts that it works with almost every theme as it purely based on HTML/CSS. Though it provides many other features, but it is specifically designed for the creation of landing pages.

  • WordPress Landing Pages

“WordPress Landing Pages” plugin is a framework developed by “inbound now” allows you to create good looking landing pages for your WordPress site. You will also be able to monitor and track conversion rates, run A/B or multivariate split tests on landing pages from administration dashboard. This helps you take timely actions thus helping you grow leads.

Works well with all the themes. You will also be able to choose from pre-installed custom landing page templates. It also offers pre-populate forms with visitor information to increase conversion rates.

  • Landing Page Builder – Free Landing Page Templates

Using this plugin you will be able to create high conversion landing pages in minutes. This plugin supports – responsive design, shortcodes that can be inserted in landing pages. You will be able to customize colors and more than 250 Google fonts.

Plugin provides pre-designed templates to choose from. There is an option of “empty template” – that allows you to create your own template right from the scratch. You will be able to add forms to collect visitor’s data.

Premium Plugins

  • Qards – premium plugin for Landing pages

This plugin names “Qards” is designed by Designmodo. It comes with the concept of content cards. You can select from a bunch of content cards that can be laid down on a canvas – one after another. you can use as many cards, you want to suit your requirement for a perfect landing page built.


  • Extensive set of content cards – to address all your landing page needs.
  • Multiple types of content boxes – fully customizable.
  • Drag and drop design.
  • Works well with the theme of your choice
  • Can be customized 100%
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Ease of use.
    •  Price   (single site – $99, multiple sites – $199)

This plugin provides a very unique layout designer which is very user-friendly – you will be able to adjust every individual card as per your needs.

  • Leadpages – excellent page builder for premium landing pages

It is a standalone landing page builder. You can use it with or without a WordPress website.

This plugin comes loaded with dozens of professionally designed templates. These templates are carefully designed and optimized to attract leads and results in high conversion rates.


  • Drag and Drop page builder
  • It integrates with many third-party tools
  • Can be integrated with mostly all email marketing services.
  • Easily drag and drop widgets to add different elements including
    • Images,
    • Backgrounds,
    • Text,
    • Multimedia,
    • Call To Action (CTA) buttons,
    • Signup forms, etc.
  • Price: $35/month or $25/month, when you pay annually

This plugin is very flexible by allowing you to create professional looking landing pages in no time and you don’t even need any professional skills.

  • Beaver Builder – A popular Landing Page Plugin

It is yet another drag and drop page builder that can be used for creating landing pages. It is very fast – simply select an element and you can do lot many things just by changing its properties, without writing a single line of code.

It is observed that the plugin “Beaver Builder” works readily with any WordPress theme of your choice. You can even switch between themes and your landing pages would work and look the same across all the themes.


  • Beginners friendly – very user friendly interface
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Dozens of readymade templates
  • Price $99 for unlimited websites and one year of customer support

This plugin has most beautiful landing page templates to be used. It is very easy to used because of in-built intuitive and fast, easy to use page builder. It can work with any WordPress theme of your choice and is also compatible with all mostly used WordPress plugins.


All the plugins work really well, at the end it is your personal choice. You can choose one that suits you best. Premium themes will certainly offer more features as compared to free ones, but above listed free landing page plugins won’t disappoint you either.