Creating Landing pages is the most important part of website creation. Mostly people ask – “How to create landing page?” There was a time when websites were merely used for brand building purposes. It was reflected across for such a long time, that many of us use to think that websites are meant for big companies. That doesn’t hold true as of today. Brand building is still one very important aspect but today when we talk about websites – we talk about traffic and lead generation. This article talks about- “How to create a landing page using wordpress”.

The main purpose of a website today is to convert the visitor to a prospect customer.  “Landing Page” is the term coined by marketing experts for marketing tactic for getting visitors on your website to take some action. It is observed that landing pages have become very important digital marketing tool that is very commonly used to establish a great impression. Landing Pages must have some key elements which increases the chances of prospects turning into leads. Eventually in long run these leads can be converted into lifelong customers.

WordPress and Landing Pages

WordPress is considered one of the best CMS platform used today for creating modern website easily and in no time. So I thought I should compile one article on how to create a landing page using wordpress. This article will come in two parts – This article will talk about creating “Landing Pages” using themes and in the next article I will talk about plugins that can be used to create best landing pages easily and smoothly.

Themes supporting landing pages

There are themes that support landing pages out of the box. When theme has in built feature then most of the time it also means that you will be able to create landing pages without any hassle and these landing pages will also work well and would look seamlessly good with the underlying theme, as if it is integral part of it. With plugins you might have to do some work around to make them yell with the theme (though not always).

List of my favorite themes that have in built “Landing page support”:

Free Themes:

Flash – Multipurpose theme with Landing Page support

  • A fully flexible yet FREE WordPress that has in store plenty of premium-like features which makes it suitable for different types of websites which would like to incorporate landing pages for:
    • Business Websites, Portfolios, Food & Restaurant related websites etc.
    • Also supports Live Customizer allowing you have live preview of your site as you create it.

Antreas – Comes with Landing page support

  • It is free WordPress business website theme which also loads very fast.
  • It is easy to use and very intuitive,
  • Comes with WP Customizer that makes editing your pages and sections quite easy being visual and coding-free task.
  • You will be able to drop your favorite widgets into sidebars.

Suffice – Free theme with Landing Page support

  • It is yet another free theme that supports landing pages. It is a drag and drop theme that supports minimalist design which is also very simple.
  • Using this theme you will be able to create any type of theme including a multipurpose websites.
  • Websites can include landing pages for product and srvices, corporate, business, agency.
  • The theme also comes bundled with two very useful plugins:
    • Suffice Toolkit Plugin and SiteOrigin’s page builder

Himalayas – yet another FREE theme with Landing Pages support from within

  • A very Stylish one page theme
  • Supports sticky menu and full-width sliders
  • Perfect theme for creating a modern and elegant websites.
  • Comes with clean and beautiful layout
  • Sufficient Room for Call to Action buttons, portfolio, services etc

Optimizer – Multipurpose theme with Landing Page support

  • Theme is easy to use.
  • It is developer friendly theme that can be customized easily by even non-programmers.
  • It is a highly customizable multipurpose WordPress theme which comes FREE.
  • Can be used for creating:
    • Landing pages,
    • Business Websites,
    • Portfolio websites and
    • eCommerce sites.

Premium Themes

Landing – Single Landing Page WordPress Theme (by Atheme)

  • It is one of the best WordPress landing page themes.
  • It has in built drag and drop page builder
  • Comes ready with plenty of customization features.

Total – WordPress Theme with Drag & Drop (by WpExplorer)

  • Provides full control over your landing page
  • Drag & Drop features.
  • Comes with the powerful Visual Composer drag & drop page builder,
  • Loaded with tons of easy to use live WordPress Customization Options.

LaunchKit – Marketing WordPress Theme (by Atheme)

  • Comes loaded with – 3 header and 7 footer types
  • Pre-loaded ready to use 30+ custom page builder templates
  • Use Parallax Effect – on background image sections

Book – Responsive eBook Landing Page WordPress Theme (by Themeforest)

    • You can create beautiful landing pages using this theme.
    • It is a great way to grow your mailing list.
    • Simply import the sample data and all you have to do is replace the dummy data with information that you want to show about your e-book.

Landkit – Perfect Marketing theme, that is bundled with great features (by Athemes)

  • 12 home page designs
  • In-built hybrid Composer plugin
    • provides more than 70 different elements
    • supports 12 different header styles.
  • Tons of Google and Typekit fonts,
  • Hundreds of menu options
  • Collection of icons,
  • Support for portfolio and
    • Tons of other features to enhance your landing page

Plugins  supporting landing pages

Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of your website.  At time themes don’t support creating landing pages out of the box. Though you can create a landing page on your own if you know little bit of HTML and CSS along with wordpress, but it might just ask for little bit of efforts. If you don’t want to roll up your sleeves and work around creating a landing page yourself. In the next article I will discuss about “How to create Landing pages using wordpress plugins – free and well as premium.


No doubt, landing pages makes a difference to your business and are a must to have it on your website. Landing pages ensure high conversion rates and trigger immediate call to action. Select a theme which supports over all functionality of your website – but must also support landing pages.