The key goal is to earn get enough earnings so as to purchase both and ultimate membership. Note that this will require patience as this is not a get-rich-quick strategy but rather involves setting up a regular stream of passive income.

⦁ Register

Create an account on Neobux. If your account has been inactive for a long time then it has been deleted. So simply use a different username to sign up again.

⦁ Click everyday

Ensure that you click on ads every day at regular intervals. You will find Ads under the view adverts section. Choose your ad and click, which will bring up a red dot or heart-like picture in the frame. Click the dot to load the site of the advertiser and allow the yellow stripe to get to the end. When the stripe turns green, you will get confirmation that you correctly viewed the advert and your earnings. Do this severally every day to maximize your earnings. Adverts show up frequently and clicking them as often as possible will earn you more. You should also have the add-on installed so that you can get to see new ads easily as they show up virtually at 5-intervals.

⦁ Click up to 100 ads

Clicking a minimum of 100 ads and remaining an active member for a minimum of 15 days will enable you to rent referrals or even refer them. You will find your referral link, also called “reflink”, under Banners. Clicking your username will get you to your account. Also, endeavor to have paid offers completed so that you can get earnings that you will use in renting referrals. They are found under offers. You can convert the coins that you earn into money. By also completing short tasks called Mini Jobs, you can also earn cash. Mini Jobs can actually earn you plenty of cash.

⦁ Referrals are key

Referrals are very vital to you succeeding with Neobux. The higher your referrals, the higher your earnings. Rented referrals are a big deal on Neobux and you can get to recycle referrals that are not active. However, be sure to exercise caution when recycling since it can cost you some earnings. Ensure that you click the number of ads specified for your membership every day because not doing so will deprive you of referral earnings. Simply make it a habit to click all ads daily.

⦁ Rent referrals

Once you get to at least $3 you can rent your referrals. This will require patience but do not rush into referrals when your earnings are still little. You can buy and extend your referrals for up to 240 days for a good discount. Whenever your earnings hit $3, rent more referrals. As soon as you hit 300 referrals, just maintain them. Do not rent more.

⦁ Purchase Gold and ultimate membership

As soon as you hit up to $100, buy the golden membership for $90 so that your referrals will begin to rake in double earnings. Keep this up until you have enough earnings to purchase the ultimate membership which has the best perks, for example, you will get to replace an inactive referral automatically for free after 7 days, and lots more.