Partnerships, great ones can really help your brand develop well. Many brands go into partnerships to improve their sales, brand and increase their clientele base.
Partnerships, brands of various sizes go into, vary. Some are:

VAR and Reseller partners

This type of partnership can be seen in any field, whether the brands involved provide products or services. Any brand that benefits from other firms reselling their products, and does not have the money for a large sales cost can decide to form this partnership.

Technology partners

These partners are usually seen in the world of software, where a technological firm tries to improve it’s sales team, increase their clientele base and greatly improve the lives of their clients with the right solution once the technology has been tested, and is known to add great value to the technological world.


Services partners

These partners are involved in consulting, support, installations, product training, as well as implementations. The job of service partners is usually to aid the development of the professional services department of the firm.


The OEM partnership

This is known to be a lot more involved, like a rebranding of a firm.


Create a Business Case

Before you start initiating the partner program, you have to define the goals of the partner program you want to enter into. What will be the benefits if it? Will, it ended up creating an end-to-end solution for clients?
You will have to work on the integration, as well as the applications of the solutions, as they are very important. You may have yo give your partners extra development resources, like a sandbox that will be used for developing, as well as testing. You may also have to give them the opportunity to view your API roadmap discussions.
If your goal is different like you want an additional revenue source, as well as the solution, the co-marketing, as well as sales engagement programs, are needed. For a program to be deemed successful, both parties must benefit from it. Your grand must benefit, while your partners must also benefit. Once all the parties involved in the partnership benefit, there is a great chance that the partnership will succeed.

Structure The Program

Immediately you find out what the objectives that the partnership will solve, you should try and get the program structure to effectively have your resources allocated. A lot of teams usually do not have the bandwidth to work with hundreds of partners to improve their sales, and other partners for other aspects.
Every partner program must not look alike. It should be tailored to meet your needs and objectives. A great aspect that should never be forgotten is the outcomes that you want, as well as the benefits that your partners get for working with you. If the benefits are great, there is a large chance that they will work with you to get the work done.
No matter how the partner program is, you should be able to track down the progress of the program. Try and effectively communicate with every partner involved. Allow transparency reign.