If you are thinking of starting a new blog and the only thing stopping you is that you might mess things up.

Well in this article you can learn how to start a new blog in a very simple way and get your own “.com” or a blog up and running ,

Ill also share some tips to save you some money.

This article will cover all these steps:

Steps to start a new blog

1. Choose a blogging platform

2. Choose a host for your blog

3. Choose a domain name

4. Setting up WordPress

5. Choose a design or theme on WordPress

6. Start Blogging

If you follow these steps i am sure you will be able to start your own blog.

1. Choose  a blogging platform

A blogging platform means a software on which you will run your blog on.

You have got options like –

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Squarespace
  4. Weebly

But in my opinion WordPress is the best option if you want to start blogging as it makes blogging as easy as if writing an email it also allows you to have your own ‘.com’ ,.’net’ or any other like ‘.app’ that i am using in my domain plus blogging on WordPress is completely free , you just have to pay for your hosting as well as domain, It comes with 5000 or more beautiful themes and last but not the least it gives you a chance that you will start earning from your blog one day.

There is a reason 35% of all the websites are running on WordPress but please don’t immediately go to WordPress.org and sign-up because i am going to guide you how to install WordPress on your hosting and configure it but before i do that ill answer few important questions that every new blogger might have in their mind.

” Why can’t i simply start blogging for free on a website like blogger? “

Yes you can start blogging for free on a website like blogger without using WordPress but there will be drawbacks if you don’t use your own Domain , hosting and WordPress

  • You wont have control over the content

Imagine you made a blog post and accidentally broke a rule of blogger and got your website offline accidentally you might lose years of hard work .

  • Your Website will be super hard to find on google

It is hard to rank a blog with a free platform ,

  • Your website name will be a sub domain

By Sub Domain i mean ,you wont be having a website like‘ yourwebsite.com’ instead your website will look like

         ‘ yourwebsite.blogger.com ‘   so few people will be able to find your content.

  • Someone else will make profit from your blog

Even if you manage to get good traffic on your website on a free platform you wont be making money instead ads will placed by the platform to earn revenue from your website as free platforms reserve the right to put ads on your content and you might even have unwanted pop ups in your website

  • You cant customize it like WordPress

In WordPress you have an option of adding plugins to customize your website as you want . This adds more functionality to your website.

2. Choose a host for your blog

Assuming you didn’t go with a free platform and have chosen WordPress.

Let me explain you first what hosting is , hosting is a place where all the files are stored , considering your blogs as ‘files’ all these files are saved , WordPress creates these files and then they are stored on your hosting, in fact WordPress is itself is stored as a software in your hosting, hosting is required because without hosting no one will be able to see your website  online.

Things which matter in a hosting

  • Uptime – You have to choose a hosting which keeps your website online and does not go offline randomly anytime, bad hosts do this often they go offline randomly
  • Price- You need a host that is in your budget and has a fair price
  • Support- You need a host with support with quick response and experts working in it to solve your problems if you have any in future.

If you need a strong reliable hosting you have many options like

  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • iPage
  • Dreamhost
  • A2 Hosting
  • WestHost

You are free to use any other hosting , but in this tutorial ill be using Bluehost as it is cheap,secure as well as reliable

Some details about Bluehost –

  • Load time: 425ms (5th in speed)
  • Support: Live Chat (avg. response – 5min)
  • Uptime: 99.99% (1st in uptime)
  • Cost: $2.75/mo (3-year plan)

Sign-up for Bluehost

Click on Get Started now or if the site looks different choose whichever get started button they are showing on their website

Choose the basic plan

The basic plan is best for new bloggers or beginners which you can always change whenever you feel like

3. Choose a domain name

A domain name is a web address  from which people will find your blog or website

for example – ” www.YourWebsite.com”

Enter the domain name you want to create in the “new domain” section or

if you already have a domain name then type the existing domain name in ” I have a domain name ”

in the next step you have to fill all the necessary information for creating your account

Choose your package and optional extras


You will save money by paying for 3 years but if you  at some point feel blogging isn’t for you then you should go for 12 months plan as it is reasonable.

you can choose extras but most of them are waste,so i recommend to not choose or select extras and just go with unchecking of the boxes.


Enter billing details

if you would like to pay with debit or credit card use this option else click on more payment options and pay using PayPal

Set a login and password


you will see a screen below something like this and you have to click the green button which says create your password



Then click on ” I have read bluehosts privacy Policy and Terms of Service ” box and then click Next



now click the login button



check your email for login details from bluehost after this , it might be in your spam folder if you cannot find it in your inbox.


4. Setting up WordPress

After logging in on the first screen you will be asked to choose a theme

i recommend you to skip this step as you can install another theme or choose a theme later and if you have chosen a theme now you can always change it later

if you have chosen a theme then a screen like this will appear

welcome to WordPress now  after clicking on start building

on the left side you will be able to see

Posts-  Here you will be able to post your blog

Media – you can check your library photos that you have uploaded

Pages – Here you can check out the pages you have  or create static pages

Comments Manage comments on your blog posts

Appearance – you can change the theme of your website or blog over here

Users – if you want to create content with other people you can create a user id for them so they can edit blogs

Plugins – add/remove plugins to add or remove functionality of your blog

Now you have to select from the two options whichever suits you the best

don’t worry you can change these options later also so choose one.

if you clicked one of those you will see something like this

Site Title will be your website’s name and site description will be the tagline of your website,

after clicking ‘next step’ on next screen click yes

next you will see  a option to choose if you want a static home page or a home page with recent blog posts

Next you can create a contact – us page if you would like people to contact you.

5. Choose a design or theme on WordPress

Now the easiest part is to choose a theme for your website for that you need to click on

  • Click on ‘Appearance’
  • Then click on ‘Add New’
  • Search or choose a theme you like

in my opinion i recommend HitMag or ColorMag theme for a magazine blog layout.


6. Start Blogging

Now after you have installed your theme and activated it you can start blogging by clicking on Posts

Then click on Add New and on Next Screen you can type your Blog title  and blog

If you have followed each and every step carefully i hope you have successfully created your own blog.

Happy blogging!