Have you ever wondered how long the visitors to your site are engaged, and stay on your site? There are some websites that visitors will go to and spend only seconds there, and there are other websites that visitors will go to and spend hours there. How engaging is the content on your website?
How can you get your visitors to stay long, engage them, and seal the deal? It is simple. Pen down a very interesting copy.
Your website may have the best design in the whole of the content, great value proposition, and products, but if your product copy is not written to be persuasive, you may be wasting your time.
We will go ahead to discuss how smart brands engage their readers and convince them to buy products or services by using copywriting principles. You too can turn your brand into a smart one.

You should know who the copy is for.

Who will read the copy? How will they feel when they read it? Will it compel them to make purchases? You have to know the target audience for your copy. Immediately you know who the c opy is for, then you can write engaging copy to win them over. If you have to be humorous, be humorous. Don’t bore your clients.

Use Brand Storytelling

Storytelling shouldn’t be left for media houses, novelists, or screenwriters. You should use the best of brand storytelling to sell yourself. One thing most brands feel is that if they are not serious, or fill their copy with a lot of high sounding words or formality, their audience will feel they don’t know what they are doing, but that’s pure fallacy.
Tell the tale. Speak of how your products will help them in the form of a story. Employ the lines of a novelist, and tell a sweet story. Remember, you want to engage your clients and get to make purchases. Use sweet words to woo them over, and make the sales. Use narratives to entertain them, and leave them spellbound. When writing a product description, tell the tale. Don’t scribble a bland description. You want to woo them over. Your ‘About us’ page should be a tale about your company, products or services.

Use Interesting Headlines

Y our entire focus should not dwell on the body of the copy, while you ignore the headline. Your headline should be your priority. Does your headline look interesting enough for readers to want to read the body? The headline determines if the body will be read.
As one of the best copywriters that exist, David Ogilvy, wrote over twenty headlines for every ad he penned and chose the right one that suited his audience. It has been noted that eight persons out of ten will read the headline of the copy, while the remaining two ends to the rest.
Your headline should be unique. Don’t make the headline sound like something a kindergarten child will write. It is important that the headline be unique.
The headline needs to be urgent. You have to make them feel that they are missing a lot if they do not patronize you. The headline needs to be useful. The chances are that your potential audience will get hooked more eagerly and take that next step to purchase if your headline is impactful, clear and accurate.