As a marketer, you should know what IFTTT is, and how it can help your website greatly. IFTTT is a great tool that is free and allows you to connect various forms of digital apps to allow life to be made easier. IFTTT is a master tool that you must have.

This allows you to easily save Instagram photos automatically to their Dropbox. You can easily get forecast sent to you every morning, or get your blog posts tweeted automatically. A lot of things can be done with IFTTT, as it is a great social media automation tool.

IFTTT is more than those listed above, and it can be used for lots more. There are new IFTTT or applets that allows marketers to gather the necessary marketing intelligence. The IFTTT recipes or applets can help you track your competitors, and give you the necessary information to make the right decisions.

Applet Prep

Before you make use of applets, there is some pre-IFTTT prep that may have to be used. Below are two key tools that can be used with these applets over and over again.

Visual Ping:

This tool allows you to know when there is a noticeable change in your web page, website, or an aspect in your web page.


This tool allows you to convert a web page to an RSS feed, to allow subscription to be easier. It can work on any web page, even when the page can’t publish a feed.


A lot of applets works with notification. There are different forms of getting the notification, it is important that you opt for the one that works well for you. Opt for the one that will quickly notify you.

If your website is being hacked, you will want to know immediately. This is why you should opt for one that will send you alerts immediately. If it is for something that you want to see daily, an email may be the best notification. If you want to view it weekly or monthly, you may have the results archived using Google Doc or Evernote. Alter the applets to work well for you.

What Can IFTTT Do For You?

It allows you to easily track your competition. You can get your competitors’ emails archived easily.

It allows you to track the mentions the employees of your competitors get on news sites. It allows you to track the changes made to your competitors’ website.

You can easily monitor the blog posts of your competitors. Stalking the stocks of your competitors is made easier. It goes further to allow you track your competitors for new YouTube videos.

With IFTTT, you can spy on your competitors’ websites and the tools they use.

It allows you track when a new site is linked to your competitor. You can spy on the web properties of your competitors through IFTTT.

IFTTT offers a lot of benefits to marketers. If you want to succeed as a marketer, using IFTTT is important.