Remember the times, where science fiction movies would showcase robots taking over the world and computers coming alive and kicking our butts, well its happening, but not to worry humans still have the world, at least for now. However, this does not mean robots aren’t still a possibility and computers aren’t still super fast In processing data, rather we are getting closer and closer, as sci-fi terms of artificial intelligence have become practical reality, as no one can say they haven’t heard of ‘siri’ and have you researched on the ‘Tesla’s predictive capabilities, and what about Netflix, can’t it be said to be of artificial intelligence, I mean it does work on a highly accurate predictive technology based on the customer’s reaction to movies. All these are more are what can be regarded as artificial intelligence of the present.

Practically speaking, we still have a long way to go in terms of artificial intelligence, as what we have now can’t be said to be full on of artificial intelligence, rather we have softwares and systems made of and operating pre-programmed multi set input on user behavior, which properly speaking isn’t necessarily of artificial intelligence. A system with true artificial intelligence is one that learns on its own and at its own un-set pace. There to, networks and system that can operate individually without reliance on pre-set algorithms. Obviously, we are not quite here, but we are close in that what we have in functioning capacity now, can be said to be artificial intelligent nature. To this, below we shall take a look at the major application of artificial intelligence presently. They are:


we can’t start any topic of artificial intelligence presently, without mentioning apple’s friendly personal assistant, Siri. In 2010, Apple released the iPhone4S which encapsulated the application we know as Siri and from there, our collective friendship blossomed. Siri is a voice-activated computer that we interact with daily, it helps us find our way on the maps, find information, add events to our calendars, send messages and so on. It utilizes machine learning and prediction technology to get smarter and better in predicting and comprehending our natural language and answering our request. There to, giving it a semi-artificial intelligent nature as it still relies on set algorithms.

The Tesla:

At one point or the other, you must have heard about cars driving themselves and adapting to road turns and curves, we don’t have that yet, but we do have the Tesla. The Tesla is quite possibly one of the best cars ever created so far, if not for anything but it’s amazing predictive capabilities and self-driving features. The Tesla is equipped with inbuilt predictive technology of the highest quality enabling it to showcase sheer predictive brilliance on the road, basically, self-driving and the car gets smarter and more intelligent on a regular basis. However, this is due to its over air updates.


Though you might think this is far from a system adept with artificial intelligence, I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. The Netflix system is based on high-quality predictive technology that allows it to predict films and movies to you based on customer reaction to previous films. The network analyses multi-millions of records to predict films that might suit your taste, based on your previous choices and your reaction to said choices of film. Consequently, with each passing year and each person making a choice, it’s prediction capabilities grow.

In conclusion, although we are relatively still at the infancy stage of artificial intelligence, it is not far-fetched to stipulate that the artificial intelligence like systems we currently possess are damn close. Other likewise applications include; Alexa, Cogito, Amazon, etc.