Gutenberg – You must have heard about it. If not, just explore on the Google it has taken away the sleep of many wordpress theme and plugin developers. Most of them the experience was like somebody telling them – “You have boarded a wrong train” – when they had already travelled quite far on the wrong train. WordPress has been there for decades now sharing the major market share of content management systems. But change is inevitable. Technology is changing too and if you don’t cope up with that you decline slowly. WordPress opted to embrace the changing technology and decided to bring that required change.

Change is accepted with pleasure – it needs to be swallowed with water like a pill. WordPress is coming with major release, i.e. WordPress 5.0 named “Gutenberg”, named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. It was supposed to be released earlier and was postponed to November end 2018 , but there are speculations that it might get postponed to January 2019. Release date getting postponed is scaring the wordpress community even further, giving an impression that adopting to this new release won’t be easy and nobody is prepared for that.

What is Gutenberg?

It is going to be all about blocks and views. Project Gutenberg started with an objective to transform the current WordPress editor to all new editor which is going to change everything. It is all new interface that will change for good – how you add, edit, and manipulate your content.

AS I said it is going to be for good and will make it easy for anyone to create modern, rich, professional and flexible content layouts using all new interfaces which is block-based UI (User Interface). In Gutenberg various page components will be represented as modular blocks. You will be able to access these blocks from a block menu and will be able to simply drop these blocks anywhere on a page. You will also be able to edit them in place directly to create the layout of your choice. Creating customer specific custom layouts will become possible.

What are the problems associated with Gutenberg?

Problem associated with this major release is that your current themes and plugins might just break you website as these themes or plugins might not have updated themselves to cope up with WordPress 5.0. Gutenberb is available as a plugin for testing, you can install it to check how it works with your current theme and other installed plugins.

With the release of WordPress 5.0 this new editor will become part of the wordpress core, but your current editor will be available as a plugin if your theme doesn’t support it readily. But eventually every new theme and plugin will be developed keeping in mind this new editor so future is Gutemberg.

Top 5 Gutenberg Themes

Don’t know your current theme developers have taken adopting to Gutenberg as a top priority or not, but I am providing with top 10 themes that are Gutenberg ready (at least they say so).

GutenMag – WordPress 5.0 ready theme

  • As the name suggest –Gutenberg ready, it is designed using the block based interface provided by wordpress 5.0.
  • Will be able to create highly modern and professionally optimized layouts for your website, online magazine or a blog.
  • It is mobile and AMP ready.
  • It follows all the latest web and tech practices to boos the user experience.
  • Offers:
    • Different post styles,
    • Fast loading
    • Free lifetime updates
  • Using this beautiful theme you will be able easily manage your post content using Gutenberg page builder. You will be able to use extra custom shortcodes which are compatible with Gutenberg. Because of these features you will be able to create the following types of posts:
    • Stories
    • Music
    • Video
    • Gallery
    • Affiliate
    • Media
    • Tutorial
    • Checklists
    • Case studies
    • Interviews
    • Expert opinions and reviews
    • Comparisons
    • Quizzes
    • Surveys and polls
    • FAQs

Deviox – Multipurpose Gutenberg compatible WordPress Theme

This is yet another powerful stunning theme for your wordpress site for business or any organization. The theme is optimized for WordPress 5.0. Theme not only works well with most of the popular premium plugins but also exploits the features of new Gutenberg editor.

Just checkout it might be a theme you are looking for.

LeGrand – Gutenberg compatible modern and multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Another great option if you are looking for Gutenberg compatible themes. LeGrand is a great option for all kinds of professional websites.

It offers

  • Stylish and versatile layouts.
  • Compatibility with Gutenberg and also other popular visual Page Builders like WPBakery Page Builder.
  • Will be able to create elegant and future ready website from the scratch, no coding required.

Drone Media – Photography & Videography WordPress Theme compatible with Gutenberg

This is another option if you are opting for Gutenberg right away. This theme has a lot to offer:

  • Another WordPress 5.0 ready fully functional theme
  • Designed to showcase your photographer’s skills.
  • Comes loaded with unique shortcodes to make your content look noticeably stylish and impactful.
  • Comes with powerful admin interface

Gutentype – A Stylish Gutenberg ready WordPress Theme

Gutenberg editor comes loaded with new features. This theme has adopted to this new editor and has a lot to offer:

  • Fresh and clean Gutenberg WordPress theme,
  • Created keeping in mind the original Gutenberg page builder.
  • No need to learn HTML, CSS and Java Script at all.
  • Create a modern and stylish blog easily
  • A many custom WordPress layouts
  • Create content-rich posts easily.
  • SEO and Retina readiness.
  • It can easily be opted for:
    • Guest post blog,
    • Niche blogs,
    • Viral giveaway Blogs,
    • Guide & how-to blogs.
    • Writer & world news.


Technology never gives you an option to accept it or not. The choice you make is to move ahead with the technology or you don’t mind being left behind. You will have to embrace the changes that are thrown at you but you have to be little careful. Every new wordpress release expects you to back up your website before updating to new release. Earlier consider it was still an option or a choice in your hand, but this release is special and you must take all necessary preventive measures before you switch to WordPress 5.0 aka Gutenberg. Few other people are working towards moving away from wordpress and have come out with solutions like ClassicPress. Few other might be thinking back again – “Why to have a website?”, well that is no more an option, checkout for yourself.