You will have to keep an eagle’s eye on changing trends – so as to keep yourself at pace with changing times and technologies. It is not just about keeping yourself updated with fast moving industry trends – it is also about keeping an eye on your competitors.

Today it is not a secret any more that entire world is going mobile. Every one specially youth is hooked up to their smart phones. People working with technology are working over night to find out and invent new ideas to bring everything on these handheld devices.

Sure-GUIDE to changing and emerging new trends in Mobile Industry

Facts speak louder

  • Smartphone taking over computers – More than half of mobile users own a Smartphone
  • India and Chine having huge population – Have more than 1 billion mobile subscribers
    • India and china alone will account for nearly 50% of mobile subscriber growth from 2018-2020
  • Some other facts:
    • India has over 1.1 billion subscribers
    • China has more than 1.3 billion subscriptions
    • U.S. has more than 395 million subscribers
    • Indonesia has grown up to over 385 million subscribers
    • Brazil has grown up to subscriber base of about 244 million

Changing trends about futuristic mobile technology

What is happening around very fast? There has been lots of innovation taking place in the field of mobile technologies, for example:

  • Sensor technology,
  • Cameras,
  • Wireless functionality and
  • Even manufacturing materials are being experimented upon

This all has made smartphones more capable to take care of smarter and smarter futuristic tasks. All this has paved the path for the future technology to merge and affect mobile phone industry, just more than any previous times.
Best futuristic predictions for the future technology of mobile phones, based on new emerging technology today are listed below:

1. Facial Recognition – Now your phone will also recognize you

Might seem it has been around, but the fact is it was always under development with certain pitfalls. There have been so many technologies around to tighten the security of your device to make your phone safer to use. Fingerprint scanner, iris scanner have been there but were found to be less effective. Even facial recognition was found to be 100% reliable, but new AI based technology scans your facial expressions, contours of face and head to ensure it is hard to crack.

2. Augmented Reality – another feather on the cap

AR or Augmented Reality has already been tested and has made an impact in the gaming world. AR technology in mobile phones will directly affect the industries including retail, tech support and healthcare.
Smartphone manufacturers have developed and also released AR tool kits in the markets to incorporate them into mobile apps. These toolkits can be deployed to use and access a camera and motion sensors of a device and to create applications that can lay out digital objects on top of the camera’s live. These objects can then be viewed and moved around with high precision.

3. 3D Screens

Well quite possible with the emergence of 3D screens holographic projections will become a reality. For example, you might be able to:

  • Resize your photographs simply by using your hands. You will be able to ‘pull’ or ‘compress’ the holographic photos that appear in front of you.
  • You will also be able to move objects by simply ‘grabbing’ them.

4. How about In-built Projector?

Keeping in mind the possibility of 3D screens, having a in-built projector will also become a sought after thing.

5. Fold it – Making it more flexible and durable

You are not far from the time when you will be able to fold your phone to fit into your pocket. In a near future it will also become very difficult to break your phone. Researchers are working and are hopeful in coming out with self-healing screens. There are developing even more durable material called graphene glass to strengthen the screen. Researchers believe it might just transform the mobile industry.

6. Forget about charging – Charger will not be required

Wireless charging will be a norm, very soon but not the stop point. Smartphone manufacturers are experimenting with a variety of other possibilities. Other options being explored are:

  • Nanobatteries,
  • Hydrogen fuel cells,
  • Solar power and even
  • Kinetic energy — meaning your phone will charge as you move around.

Your phone will not only charge faster and wirelessly, but will also eliminate the need for a charging port.

7. Multiple Cameras – Dual Camera will soon be “once upon a time”

Triple Camera phones are already on the way. Future smartphone will have multiple camera’s promising best every photographs, videos and selfies.

8. Virtual buttons and virtual assistants

Screen size of the mobile phone is dominating. It has moved from “Smaller the better” to “Larger the better” – with a limitation that it can’t out grow after certain size being a hand held device and its power lies in its portability.
But do you thing Smartphone researchers and manufacturers are going to stop at that point?
No, for sure.

How about a phone – having “all screen” and nothing else, from front to back.

Does that amaze you? Do you find it hard to believe.

Researchers and Smartphone Manufacturers, we know have been expanding screen size for years. They are also working on a modal where the future smartphone will most likely be all screen having:

  • Display capabilities on the “Front, Back and Sides” of the device.
  • No room for any type of physical buttons – “yes”, not even a home button.

Virtual Assistants and virtual buttons will take the charge. Smartphone interface will become more intelligent and virtual by nature. Virtual Assistants will only help you navigate your phone and apps. Your smartphone home screen will get personalised depending upon your usage patterns.

Yes, you guessed it right it will all be AI (Artificial intelligence) based Virtual assistants and buttons that will groom up your smartphone to next level.


It will be worth watching how the masses will react to the emergence of new and better smartphones in the coming future. Though next generation technology will also come with its own pros and cons, but the wheel of technology will keep moving at its own pace.