You need to ensure that your website is adequately protected with layers of security so that your users can be safe. Even if you experience a breach of security, you will be safer knowing that your data is highly protected with premium modern security software. Here are some free security tools to keep your website safe –

⦁ VAddy


Developing a website is never an easy task and due to its demanding nature, developers can unknowingly overlook vulnerabilities that exist. Top sites like Google and Facebook also have to deal with these vulnerabilities regularly. The VAddy platform is built by experts to point out these vulnerabilities by working with analyzing your code base to detect vulnerabilities before your new features get sent out. VAddy scans all updated that are new to your code base and points out any hidden vulnerabilities. You can also get to see the aggregate vulnerabilities and determine the developers that are responsible for most of the bad codes added

⦁ Let’s Encrypt

HTTPS are very widely talked about along with SSL. Even Google emphasized both and ranks websites that are secure higher in search results. Putting in the right measures to ensure that your website is secure is important. Project Let’s Encrypt was created to provide SSL connections that are secure by offering certifications for free. Some too sponsors of this project are Facebook and Shopify. Let’s Encrypt is free and automated so that once installed, future updates will be installed automatically to ensure that your site is safe.

⦁ StartSSL

This took is created to provide additional security for websites and their clients. Its certificates have become very widely known especially for businesses that specialize in e-commerce as it shows the security layer potentials which can be gotten using high-quality platforms. One reason why startSSL is popular is due to the fact that its packages give you various methods for detecting vulnerability, authentication and email protection.

⦁ SocialAll

The Social web continues to increase on a daily basis and this is why protecting your data on social media is key. SocialAll was developed with while putting web developers into consideration. SocialAll lets you combine your social networks and manage them securely using a secured API seamlessly. It also has offers the characteristics of an API with layers of added protection. Your visitors now have a more secure way to log in to your website through social media. SocialAll has a publishing feature so that you can post across various networks.

⦁ Stormpath

Authentication protection is extremely important since a lot of data exchange happens here. Hackers usually lurk here to take advantage of vulnerabilities especially with login modules or boxes meant for sign up. Stormpath is an authentication platform for developers. It is also an API which guarantees authentication protection. Data can be saved on Stormpath and access through various API. You can also preview user data using its dashboard. It also supports social login which is beefed up for premium security.