Do you want to increase your Twitter followers, and improve your Twitter engagement? Or you want your thoughts to be noticed on Twitter?
Below are tips that can be used on Twitter to get what you want. These tips are those you wish you had known years ago. Follow these tip s and watch your marketing strategy work well on Twitter. You want to be a Twitter marketing guru, make use of these tips.

Is Your Twitter Profile Optimized?

1. When someone stares at your profile photo, what does he or she see? Make use of a close-up headshot as the Twitter picture, and watch what happens.

2. You see that Twitter bio, add creativity to it. Show the world what skills you possess without using a lot of hashtags.

3. Input in your Twitter bio, your URL, and not merely the URL field. You want it to be optimized for those mobile users.

4. Get your tweets structured like this to get an increased amount of clicks: Your Key Message, then Hashtags, then an afterthought.

5. Don’t make all your Tweets to be self-promoting. You don’t want to bore your followers. Try and interact with your followers, and mix your promotional content with funny content.

6. Get yourself a place as an industry thought leader by regularly inputting commentary to whatever links you tweet.

7. Make the tweets short. You can make it a hundred characters, instead of the 140, to get followers to add their comments.

8. Get the content that you tweet interesting. No one wants to be bored to death.

9. Allow your personality to permeate via Twitter. Regularly tweet interesting content, while tweeting those business ones.

10. Make use of images while you tweet to improve the rate of the engagement. People love to stare at images.
Improve Your Engagement

12. Try to engage with followers on Tweeter. Use the like button regularly on their tweets.

13. Try and not be a robot on Twitter. Being responsive will do you a great deal. When a question is asked, try and answer.

14. If you are known to retweet ev ery tweet that you got mentioned in, many of your followers will nurse the thoughts that you love the spotlight

15. If you find out that a person retweets or replies you regularly, try to return the favor. Do not ignore those that retweet or reply.

16. Twitter is meant to be for conversation. You are not merely dropping content that everyone should dance to. Try to tweet questions, and encourage your followers and fans to interact greatly with you.

17. You are not privileged to get people to share your content. When they do it, thank them. Don’t be arrogant. They were not paid for it.

18. Regularly run contests on Twitter, and use hashtags to improve engagement. Winning will give your followers joy.

19. Twitter can be chaotic if you are following a lot of people. To prevent your steam from being cluttered, do not follow everyone back.

20. Make use of hashtags to get into important conversations, and ensure that your tweets are found easily. When a conversation concerns you and you want to join, use the necessary hashtags.

21. Use the lists that are ranked by topic to see those who you want to view regularly on Twitter.