SEO or Search engine Optimization has evolved, in the last few years. It has grown past the understanding and even expectations today. To understand SEO better, we first need to understand search engine better.

There are so many search engines available today – yahoo, bing, AOL,, have you heard about duckduckgo – yeah it is also a search engine out there. Google being on the top and far above the others is working round the clock to bring revolutionary technologies to enhance it services especially it search engine – to help find information a user is searching for.

Voice Optimization will take SEO to next level

Google is adding new tools and technologies to enhance the user experience of its users. One of such product or service by Google is “Google Voice Search” also known as “Search by Voice”.  It allows users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or on a mic attached to a computer, and perform a search on the basis of this voice input. It’s not easy as I myself have worked on several projects related to voice recognition – there is a noise around you, your mood swings affect the voice and so many more factors (that we are not here to talk about, can be discussed separately).

You need to observe some trends below, and on the basis of that you will understand better what we are talking about.

  • More than 60% of all the searches performed of Google are coming from mobile devices.
  • People have shifted from desktops to laptops and now from laptops to mobiles.
  • Mobile devices have seen improvements and upgrades that no other technology has seen that before in such a short span of time.
  • Lots of features have been added that has improved user accessibility – especially text based search to voice search.

These developments have led to the development of so many apps that are built around voice recognition and voice response. Voice search features have been added to apple and android based mobile phones. Even desktops and laptops with microphone built in can use such applications.

This simply means people will be searching using web browser as well. More and more people want to exploit these features. Computer program Siri for example is an intelligent digital personal assistant that uses these technologies and enhances user experience. Alexa for example is yet another virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It lets you instantly connect to Alexa:

  • To play music,
  • Control your smart home,
  • Get information,
  • Get news,
  • Get weather forecast etc.

Visibly the kind of updates that Google has done in the last few years has led to the massive improvements in the search results. Not just that these series of updates have created an environment that new technologies can be adopted and embraced with ease for example responsive mobile sites and voice search.

Today it is observed that voice search has taken over a good percentage of all total searches that are performed across the world. We must also thank Artificial Intelligence based assistants or simply AI-Assistants for example:

  • Apple’s Siri,
    • Artificial Intelligence based apple’s Siri lets you stay connected with your device without even lifting a finger. Siri works personal assistant, all the time even when you don’t ask her anything.
  • Amazon’s Alexa,
    • Siri, Alexa and Google Assistants are rivals to one another. Alexa along with other capabilities is known for identifying voice.
  • Google Assistant
    • It is considered smarter than both Siri and Alexa, but I don’t guarantee by the time you are reading it things might have changed.

These AI-Assistants help users with their various inquiries. People use it so often that this convenience has placed voice search in a position that it will become a search standard in the time to come. Are you prepared? If not, you are not so late, learn more about it.

Voice Search – How it works?

You will find performing a voice search on Google is quite simple. It is as good as performing a – “typed search”. You will find a microphone icon next to the search bar, all you have to do is activate that option by clicking on it – and that’s it, it is now waiting for your voice command.

Once you find it is waiting for you to spit out few words – you are allotted few seconds to speak few words that describe your search. Sounds easy, but there is something you need to take care of:

  • You need to make sure that your voice would be heard clearly through your microphone.
  • If there is a noise it might just become hard to understand, or May just sound like something else.
  • No-noise voice command will ensure most accurate results.

Though with every passing day, the speech engine is getting more and more powerful and getting more and more able for example to cancel or filter noise, recognize not just voice but also differentiate between two voices giving same command.

Why to Optimize for Voice Search?

It has been observed that voice searches are becoming more and more common with passing time. Soon you will find more and more people inquiring using voice commands probably for convenience or to keep their hands free for something else. Thus optimizing for voice search, by all means would help gain more traffic. So in the near future if voice search becomes a standard search method, you will only be able bring best out of it if you take into account how voice search works best. In the time to come you will be required to employ SEO techniques to get best of results. This can only be achieved keeping in mind how voice search gives best results.


Trends are showing that the voice search would be a part of the future of SEO, and it is wise enough to be prepared for that. In the future, related to Voice SEO I would be discussing about some techniques and ways in which voice search can be optimized for best search results.