Creating topic ideas for a blog may not be easy, and sometimes, bloggers have to spend days, trying to come up with the right ideas.

Content marketers are always plagued on the right article topics to come up with, as the topics determine the article that will be written, its content. Without these, content marketing won’t work. It is important that one understands how to come up with the right ideas effectively and quickly.

With this guideline, you can come up with topic ideas in a few minutes.

The goal of this article is to ensure that you can create your set of topics that will sit well on the website of your company. It is to note that, on this exercise, we are focusing greatly on quantity.

The ideas you may come up with may not be excellent, but you will come up with ideas that can be polished and made into awesome topics for great articles.


Write things down.

When you write things down, you will have more ideas streaming in that are clear to you. You should not only think about the ideas, but you should also write them down.

This will not be deemed complete until you see the benefits of writing things down.

You should note that this is for the generation of idea solely. It is not the time to craft out innovative article topics, or create the best headline, or have awesome chapters to an eBook written out.

These are ideas solely, that can later be polished into awesome articles.

1. Find a quiet place

Start by heading to a place that you will not be disturbed by interruptions or distracted. This can be anywhere, as long as you won’t be interrupted. If it helps, switch your phone off.


2. Create a document and pen down your thoughts.

Since the goal of this is to improve your speed, you can choose whatever note app that you are comfortable with. I love Evernote and Drive. You may too. I love Drive because I can store up notes there, and they will be saved for eternity there. Whatever app works for you, make use of it.

3. Set the timer for half an hour.

Giving yourself an amount of time will ensure that you are productive. Since your brain knows that time is ticking away, you would be extra motivated.


4. The questioning phase.

When trying to create ideas, you need to ask yourself questions related to your niche and come with at least two ideas for them. Why do you like your field? What aspect do you fancy? What skills are your strong points? Ask yourself similar questions. Instead of answering them plainly, think of article topic ideas that fall in that line.

These will greatly improve the topic ideas you get in a few minutes.